UZEA lantern XX

UZEA lantern XX

Ref : 22566-113-DXX

L : 24 cm

W : 24 cm

H : 40 cm

Weight : 3,3 kg

Main material : aluminium powdercoated

Color : warm grey 7C

Collection : Uzea

Key features

Our entire collection is equipped with a rechargeable LED light with quarranteed life duration 15 000 hours. The lamp runs for approximately 5 hours on maximum setting. Technical characteristics: 300 Lumens // 2700 °K / 3 powers 1W / 3W / 5 W / IP 54

Made of high quality aluminum with a powder coating finishing fully UV and rust-resistant. Strong by concept and light by design. Hanging cord is made of 100% cotton. Built to resist and last.

Trendy and original design, will fit with contemporary as well as classical environement.

An exclusive collection of premium quality indoor/outdoor lamps. Gives a pleasant warm light with the white matte shade. This lamp can be used in three light modes: 20%, 50% and 100%. The battery can be charged via USB.

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